Woodpecker Syndicate

Woodpecker is a mature and established lake originally stocked in 1980's then used as a trout lake for approx 20 years, the syndicate was established in 2011 and has grown year on year. Fish have been chipped over the years to create an accurate record of stock, growth rates and general condition with approx 120 known fish including four over 40lb, a lake record of 47lb and a good number of growing back up fish). There are approx 60 original commons a handfull of originl Mirrors with the remainder being additional Mirrors stocked over the past 5 years.

The lake being a clear gravel pit can get weeding in the summer months but has always been fishable albeit a little closer in. There is an abondance of features to fish to with many bars troughs and silt areas. Purpose built swims are dug into the bank with plenty of room to bivvy up and relax, spaced to provide plenty of water yet still be sociable.

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